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whole house comfort checkup

Do you have:


  • Hot or cold rooms?
  • Excessive dust?
  • Noisy furnace or air conditioner?
  • Unusually high utility bills?
  • Air that is too dry or humid?
  • Suffering from allergies?
House bombarded by the elements

There are solutions! The first step is to pinpoint the precise cause of your problems with our Whole-House Comfort Checkup.

What will the
checkup tell me?



  • If your house provides enough fresh air ventilation.
  • How to make your house more comfortable, and lower your utility bills.
  • How to reduce respiratory allergy suffering.
  • How to keep outdoor dust and pollen out of your home.



Installation of the "Blower Door"

How does this work?

First, a Kentwood Plumbing and Heating Home Comfort Technician will vsit your home. He will place a "blower door" in an outside door of your house.

Then, using advanced diagnostic instruments and testing procedures, he will provide you with a personalized plan to solve these problems... permanently.

Call us today to schedule your home checkup!


Get more info on the Comfort Checkup from the Comfort Institute.


Checking for air leaks


Performing the analysis

Discussing the homeowner's
personalized plan


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